levis frames

Glasses and Eyeglass Frames

Innovation Is The Hallmark Of Their History. The Levi´s® Brand–along with its iconic 501 jean – is one of the most beloved, well known, and often imitated brands the world over.

Original & Authenticity

Levi Strauss & Co. invented the blue jean in 1853. No other brand can match Levi´s® authenticity of 130+ years of denim expertise.


There is nothing sexier, for a man or a woman, than a great fitting pair of Levi jeans.

True iconic stature, coupling its heritage with modern sophistication

The Levi´s® brand is one of most well known, impactive brands worldwide. It’s contributions to the pop culture and style landscapes transcend fashion’s fleeting moments. Levi´s® Eyewear accomplishes just that with our new eyewear collection: eye-catching styles, easy fit and comfort…all with the signature Levi´s® Red Tab of quality on the temple tips.