Popular Glasses and Eyeglass Frames

Perry Ellis Glasses and Eyeglass Frames


Glasses and Eyeglass Frames Perry Ellis designs sophisticated eyewear that complements the wardrobes of stylish men and women. This unique collection of fashionable frames incorporates neo-classics and modern styles that are perfect for the office, casual weekends, and nights out on the town. Perry Ellis America Eyewear debuted in 2000 and has become a favorite among techno-savvy generation [...]

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New Balance Glasses and Eyeglass Frames


Glasses and Eyeglass Frames New Balance – Out of this world…the only way to describe the New Balance eyewear collection – the latest in eyewear fashion. Design Focus As in New Balance footwear, our eyewear collection features the New Balance trademark of: fit…performance…comfort. Engineered to be versatile and durable, our New Balance eyewear collection seamlessly blends [...]

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Mount Eyewear Glasses and Eyeglass Frames


Glasses and Eyeglass Frames – Rimless Made Painless The Tuscany Collection brings a fresh look to today’s stylish eyewear. Unique designs combined with state-of-the-art materials sets Tuscany apart from the rest. Tuscany … for a Unique You! Design Focus Available in Stainless Steel or Pure Titanium. Premium three-piece rimless compression mounting system. Available in nine different [...]

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Levi’s Glasses and Eyeglass Frames


Glasses and Eyeglass Frames Innovation Is The Hallmark Of Their History. The Levi´s® Brand–along with its iconic 501 jean – is one of the most beloved, well known, and often imitated brands the world over. Original & Authenticity Levi Strauss & Co. invented the blue jean in 1853. No other brand can match Levi´s® authenticity of 130+ years of denim [...]

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Jill Stuart Glasses and Eyeglass Frames


Glasses and Eyeglass Frames Cool shapes, vibrant colors, hearts and rhinestone accents for trend-setting young women. Design Focus Jill Stuart eyewear captures the look and personality of the incredibly popular Jill Stuart clothing and accessory lines. This hot collection targets culturally diverse young women who appreciate eyewear as an important element of personal style and wardrobe. [...]

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Elizabeth Arden Sunwear Eyeglass Frames


Sunwear Eyeglass Frames Elizabeth Arden Sunglasses are a breath of fresh air with their unique shapes and contours. They exemplify femininity and style. Elizabeth Arden Sunglasses have a very versatile yet classic look that appeals to a casual, business, or sporty woman.

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Elizabeth Arden Petites Glasses and Eyeglass Frames


Petites Glasses and Eyeglass Frames Design Focus Eyewear Designs Ltd. was the first to launch a collection of eyewear targeted exclusively to the petite female eyewear consumer. Our mission was to design eyewear that fit proportionately while offering elegant styling, dynamic colors and feminine flair. Elizabeth Arden Petites Eyewear updates a woman’s complete look, boosts her [...]

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Elizabeth Arden Glasses and Eyeglass Frames


Glasses and Eyeglass Frames Elizabeth Arden – Glamour, elegance, beauty, and the perfect fit for all women Design Focus Sweet scents and sophisticated styles are behind Elizabeth Arden’s Red Door. Elizabeth Arden Eyewear is designed for the woman who appreciates beauty, elegance and comfort. Elizabeth Arden Eyewear features attractive styling, contemporary colors, interesting design elements and [...]

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Donald J. Trump Signature Collection


Signature Collection Glasses and Eyeglass Frames This luxury eyewear collection, inspired by Donald Trump himself, with trendy styles, rich design elements and classic colors, promises to be your best selling collection. Design Focus Designed to appeal to men and women 25 years old and older, this collection delivers for the individual who aspires to be trendy [...]

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Cubavera Eyewear, Glasses and Frames


Eyewear, Glasses and Eyeglass Frames The launch of CUBAVERA Eyewear is an exciting event in the history of Eyewear Designs Ltd. The eyewear collection reflects the brands heritage and design aesthetic. In-Store The CUBAVERA Eyewear Collection includes an impressive selection of in-store Marketing Materials. Utilizing strong brand imagery and the distinctive CUBAVERA logo and lime bar, these in-store [...]

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