Leadership and Management

Jonathan Feliciano

District Sales Manager Metro NY/NJ

Years with this company: 3

Personal interests: Diehard Jets and Knicks fan and enjoy spending quality time with my wife and newborn daughter.

Fun fact: I love going on hikes with my Airedale Terrier, Kobe, who is named after my favorite basketball player.

Phone: 347-977-9125
Email: jonathan.feliciano@essilorusa.com

Kristin Pepi

VP of Operations

Years with this company: 8

Personal interests: Shopping, tennis and spending time with my family

Fun fact: I’m still not entirely convinced that I won’t be abducted by aliens one day nor am I convinced that I haven’t been already and they just wiped my mind.

Phone: 631-459-7413
Email: Kpepi@tshoptical.com

Mark Cohen

Mark Cohen

Director of Training and Marketing/NYS Licensed Optician

Years with this company: 16

Personal interests: Bowling (my high game is 254), model railroading, racquetball, and I love being a new Grandfather

Fun fact: I'm obsessed with Yankee Candle fragrances. I have over 500 votives and wax melts in “stock” at all times

Phone: 800-321-1100 ext. 254
Email: mcohen@tri-supreme.com

Sandra Huck

Sandra Huck

Customer Relations Manager

Years with this company: 12

Personal interests: Going to the movies, reading, traveling and spending time with my grandchildren

Fun fact: Boring person, all work no play

Phone: 800-321-1100 ext. 217
Email: shuck@tri-supreme.com

Carolyn Jaquez

Administrative Manager

Years with this company: 10

Personal interests: Music, the outdoors, watching movies (especially the ones from the Hallmark Channel) and being the best mom I can to my two daughters

Fun fact: I choose a different country to visit every year.

Phone: 800-321-1100 ext 227
Email: carolyn.jaquez@essilorusa.com

Sandy Ortiz

Sandy Ortiz

Inventory Manager

Years with this company: 37

Personal interests: Kayaking, the beach, reading, and spending time with my family

Fun fact: I like to drink Pina Colada’s out of a coconut while wearing a grass skirt by my Tiki Bar

Phone: 631-249-2020 ext. 228
Email: sortiz@tri-supreme.com

Jennifer Rocco

Jennifer Rocco

Customer Service Supervisor

Years with this company: 9

Personal interests: My family, reading, botany, movies, Mexican food, sushi, Atlantic City and the Yankees

Fun fact: I work only 3 days a week so I can have more time for my family and live to the fullest.

Phone: 800-321-1100 ext. 277
Email: jrocco@tshoptical.com

Jonathan Goldner

Jonathan Goldner

Manager, The Lens Connection

Years with this company: 9

Personal interests: Hiking, geocaching, kayaking, mountain biking (If I’m outside, I’m happy)

Fun fact: I also love to travel and have visited 44 of the 48 contiguous states

Phone: 631-249-2020 ext. 285
Email: jgoldner@tshoptical.com

Account Managers

Ray Messina

Ray Messina

Account Manager - Northern New Jersey

Years with this company: 11

Personal interests: Yankees, Giants, Lebron James, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Star Wars and video games

Fun fact: I am a huge nerd – and I plan on waiting in line for the new Star Wars VII for hours to get a good seat.

Phone: 201-310-1961
Email: Ray.messina@trisupreme.com

Larry Yellin

Larry Yellin

Account Manager/NYS Licensed Optician - Brooklyn, Staten Island

Years with this company: 12

Personal interests: Restoring classic cars and going to car shows, fishing and working on home projects

Fun fact: I like bowling (my high game is 266) and going to the movies.

Phone: 718- 812-2857
Email: Lyellin@Tri-supreme.com

Customer Service

Aurora Alberto

Customer Service Representative

Years with this company: 12

Personal interests: Mother of 2, 5 year old boy and 5 month old girl, Bachelors in Business Management, Youth Pastor/Leader at A.C.V.N. Ministry on Long Island.

Fun fact: I got married in Costa Rica in 2013 and I love D.I.Y. projects for parties and decorations.

Phone: 800-321-1100 ext 291
Email: aalberto@tri-supreme.com

Nazia Ali

Nazia Ali

Customer Service Representative

Years with this company: 6

Personal interests: Music, cooking, gardening, spending time with my family and love to watch scary movies.

Fun fact: I enjoy a long drive listening to music with my family and love to travel to Pakistan to see my family.

Phone: 800-321-1100 ext. 241
Email: nali@tri-supreme.com

Chrissy Bavaro

Customer Service Representative

Years with this company: 28

Personal interests: Spending time with my family making memories.

Fun fact: I love to cook and bake and I enjoy doing anything crafty.

Phone: 800-321-1100 ext 280
Email: cbavaro@tri-supreme.com

Linda Cajuste

Linda Cajuste

Customer Service Representative

Years with this company: 7

Personal interests: Member of the Masonic Order of The Eastern Stars since 1989, tournament spade player, backgammon player, love all music

Fun fact: At the end of the day-everyday, I leave saying “It was a lovely day in the neighborhood.”

Phone: 800-21-1100 ext. 268
Email: lcajuste@tshoptical.com

Edie Echevarria

Edie Echevarria

Customer Service Representative

Years with this company: 20

Personal interests: Making jewelry, gardening and playing with my dog Duke

Fun fact: Just like to joke around and have a good time with all of my co-workers, I love playing pranks on everyone.

Phone: 800-321-1100 ext. 237
Email: eechevarria@tri-supreme.com

Tasha Wallace

Tasha Wallace

Customer Service Representative (VSP and EyeMed)

Years with this company: 22

Personal interests: I ride a pink motorcycle…really fast. I’m also the president of an all-girl female motorcycle club.

Fun fact: I can stay awake for days as long as coffee is around.

Phone: 631-249-2020 ext. 219
Email: Twallace@tri-supreme.com