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Blue light is everywhere. Here is a video on how to protect yourself and your customers.

Why is Digital better than conventional? With the conventional (also known as the traditional surfacing), laps or tools are used and can only create spherical and cylindrical curves.  No type of design can be placed on the lens.  You also have to work within the constraints of the corrected base … (read more)

What is slab-off? It is a special lens grinding technique used to neutralize the unwanted prism effect when looking down through the reading area (usually a bifocal) of widely differing lens powers.  Slab off insures that the near image will not be displaced. If it is displaced, the patient will … (read more)

There are literally hundreds of lens styles on the market today and dozens of lens materials that are thinner and lighter. We have complex computer programs that can control thickness by using complicated lens geometry and algorithms to make the lenses as thin as possible. We’re also fortunate to have … (read more)

AR lenses are a great choice for your patients.  Patients will look better and see better, achieving the best vision possible. Our laboratory takes great pride in the quality of our AR coatings.  In particular, we are very proud to say we have an extremely low return rate.  With today’s … (read more)

Intermediate Progressives can be a confusing lens to understand.  In this article, we’ll explain what information you have to give the lab, what the final Rx be at the top and what the design of these lenses are like.  Let’s look at the Rx below: Shamir Office OD:  +1.00 OS:  … (read more)