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Varilux X Series of Lenses

Building on the innovations of the Varilux S Series lenses that incorporates Nanoptix, Synchroneyes and 4D technology, Varilux X Series lenses provide presbyopic wearers with the best vision possible at every distance (even in low light) for every activity by incorporating W.A.V.E. 2 Technology. Varilux X Series lenses are designed to meet the needs of modern presbyopes. Thanks to new Xtend Technology, Varilux X Series lenses extend sharp vision within arm’s reach, significantly reducing the head movement required for wearer’s to find “just the right spot.” Xtend Technology is a revolutionary new design calculation that is exclusive to Varilux X Series lenses. Xtend technology gives wearers simultaneous sharp vision of multiple distances within arm’s reach through a single point in the lens.

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Crizal Sapphire 360 UV Now Available!

Crizal Sapphire 360 UV offers the best in class transparency and clarity thanks to Multi-Angular Technology.  Multi-Angular Technology has a new patent-pending technology that places a special nano layer within the AR stack.  The result is a significant reduction in front and even side reflections and improved UV protection.  Crizal Sapphire 360 UV is covered by both VSP and Eyemed and will be a complete product replacement of Crizal Sapphire UV.  

Thanks to new Multi-Angular Technology, side reflections, from –45 degrees to +45 degrees are now taken into account, it is applied on both sides of the lens so that the back-side reflections are also significantly reduced.