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Transitions® GEN S™ - The New Lens Standard

Transitions® GEN S™ is the latest giant leap of technology from Transitions®. It’s an innovation that goes beyond the boundaries of traditional lenses and sets a new standard for the future of the optical lens industry.

It is the fastest dark lens, reaching category 3 level of darkness in 25 seconds.

Transitions GEN S is available in 8 exclusive colors, including a brand-new addition: Transition GEN S Ruby.

Transitions GEN S lenses provide ultimate light protection, darkening outdoors, blocking 100% UVA & UVB rays, and filtering up to 32% blue-violet light in the clear state and up to 85% when activated.

The New Varilux XR Series Lens

The first eye-responsive progressive lens. Powered by artificial intelligence, the Varilux® XR Series™ lens can predict how patients look at things, so their experience instant sharpness in motion and seamless switches from near to far.

Varilux XR Design

The Best Overall Progressive Lens¹

Varilux® XR Series™ is the first eye-responsive progressive lens² powered by behavioral artificial intelligence. Beyond prescription and eye physiology the design now considers visual behavior, a prerequisite for fast and precise eye movements.

The technologies behind the XR lens:

  • Nanoptix – Stable vision in motion.
  • XTend – Extended volume of vision within arm’s reach.
  • XR-motion – Instant sharpness even in motion.

Lenses are optimized according to the visual behavior profile.

  • Binocular vision optimization where it matters.
  • Accurate positioning of the focus zones.
  • Optimized sharp binocular vision.
  • Minimized disparities of power and astigmatism.
  • Lens ocular navigation as natural and effortless as possible.
  1. Based on achieving the highest composite score among premium Progressive designs of leading U.S. competitors on 14 attributes identified as important by a survey of U.S. consumers. Measurements were the result of Essilor R&D state of the art avatar simulations 2022.
  2. Peter H. Schiller, Edward J. Tehovnik, Neural mechanisms underlying target selection with saccadic eye movements, Progress in Brain Research, Elsevier Volume 149, 2005, Pages 157-171.

Varilux XR Track

Delivers superior results - up to 25% larger reading area.

Varilux XR Track offers all of the benefits of the XR Design plus a larger near vision zone. A unique patient test on an Eyeruler 2 giving the ECP the Near Vision Behavior (NVB). Patients perform a simulated reading task with an Eyeruler 2 Near Vision Behavior measurement.

The 4-in-1 in-store personalized measurement evaluates the visual and postural behavior of the patient, reproducing the rapid eye movement during a near vision task.

4 parameters measured to personalize the near vision zone:

  • Gaze lowering
  • Reading Distance
  • Lateral Offset
  • Visual Behavior

The protocol results in an individualized 7-digit code that gathers the 4 individual parameters. Thanks to this simple measurement, wearers may enjoy accelerated fluidity and adaptation.